Dealing with diarrhea: Don’t let the runs get you down 

There’s nothing worse than when you’re just trying to get through your day, but your insides won’t cooperate. You know that queasy feeling when you have to run to the bathroom all day — that’s […]


Tips for sun safety

There’s nothing like getting some sunshine on a warm summer day. It feels so good that you can forget about taking steps to protect your skin. If you’re living with HIV, it’s especially important to […]


How you can use affirmations for a more positive mindset

We’re big believers in the power of a positive mindset! Check out some of our favorite affirmations. Ready to learn more? How a positive mindset can change your life when you’re living with HIV How […]

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Coming out: AJ’s story

AJ’s story  When I was in 5th grade, there was one time my dad asked if I had a boyfriend or girlfriend. At the time, I didn’t understand why he asked that, but then I […]


4 podcasts we love about life, love, sex, and money

Podcasts are everywhere these days, and they cover just about everything. Sex, movies, TV, politics, pop culture — it’s all out there: a half-million podcasts exist in more than a hundred languages, according to one […]

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12 must-see movies about HIV/AIDS

It’s nice to see slices of your life show up on a screen, whether it’s a phone, a TV, or the big screen at a movie theater. This is especially true if you are living […]


Why needle exchange programs are important for HIV prevention (and where you can find them)

It doesn’t matter what you’re injecting or why you’re doing it — heroin for your habit, steroids for muscle growth, or hormones for a transition — it’s a lot safer to use a sterile needle […]

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How to get free legal services when you’re living with HIV

If you’re living with HIV in the greater Cleveland area, there are free legal services available to help you with a variety of common legal problems. Our friends at Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center provide […]

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How to use herbal and natural remedies for HIV med side effects

Some people experience annoying side effects from their HIV medications. That’s natural, and most go away as your body adjusts to the meds. For others, it can take a little while of dealing with side […]