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Getting Out of Debt

Debt is one of the many crappy parts of adulting. There’s no joy in debt – no amusement park happiness. Just crap. 👎🏽👎🏽 Well, at least (hopefully) the debt isn’t the end of the world, […]

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How to Pay for Rehab

This has been a time like no other. Oh, the pandemic blues.😅 😭 😖 So many of us have been socially isolated indoors and haven’t had our normal comforts. UGH! Everything can seem out-of-whack. Lonely […]


How to talk dirty without being awkward

Sex is great when chemistry, consent, and communication are there. And let’s be real, we all like to express how eager we are for sex and physical touch when we’re in the mood! 😜😉 It’s […]

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U=U Needs YOU!

  U=U, heard of it? Seen it somewhere? Maybe on social media or on someone's t-shirt, possibly. Wherever you’ve heard of it, we stan and are here to break it alllllllll down for you! U=U […]


Sex workers: Know your rights!

Studies have found that sex workers are 10 times more likely to contract HIV, so we want to give you the knowledge and tools you need to protect yourself if you are engaging in sex […]

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Spicy sex: How to keep sexy time fun & fresh

You already know that we are all about sex here 😉 , especially the adventurous kind! Who doesn’t like a little afternoon snack? 😉 Adventurous sex can be super fun, and we are about to […]

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5 tips for transgender people to find a doctor for the care you need

Being a person who identifies as transgender sometimes means you’re faced with a lot more hate, pressure, and barriers in life than other people. Because of these types of obstacles, trans people may be more […]

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Should teens get tested for HIV? YAAASSSSSS!

HIV affects all people, and yes, that includes teenagers. So, should teens get tested for HIV? We’re over here screaming yaaaassssssss! Teens nowadays may not have great sex ed at their schools, but that doesn’t […]