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Taking your meds every day

Taking your meds every day It can be hard to create a new habit — like taking your meds every day. Stick with it and use the Positive Peers app to give you daily reminders to […]

HIV 101, Living with HIV, Newly Diagnosed

What to do when a friend or family member tells you they’re living with HIV

When a friend or family member is living with HIV, they need all the caring, respect, kindness, and understanding you can deliver. They may be carrying a secret they don’t want everybody to know about. […]

HIV 101, Living with HIV, Newly Diagnosed

What you need to know about the latest HIV treatments and research

HIV is one tough, sneaky little virus. The good thing is the world’s smartest doctors, scientists, and drug companies are working to hunt down HIV in its tracks so it won’t hide in the body […]

Living with HIV, Newly Diagnosed

How to deal with anxiety when you’re living with HIV

Dealing with HIV and anxiety starts with understanding what makes you anxious. It might be: Fear of the unknown Lack of control Shame about getting infected These are natural and common reactions — you got […]

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How to tell your partner you have HIV

There’s no easy way to tell your partner you’re HIV positive. You just have to pick the way that you think is best. Some scenarios are a bit easier than others. Let’s say you meet […]

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Decriminalizing HIV: Undetectable = untransmittable

A lot of people who have HIV think it’s nothing to be ashamed of. And they’re totally right! HIV activists want everybody to understand that HIV stigma is BS. But as it stands right now, […]

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What happens if I don’t seek treatment for HIV?

Doctors usually want you to start HIV treatment ASAP after you’ve tested positive for HIV. But sometimes it can be tempting to put off treatment. Treatment means doctor’s visits, taking your meds every day, getting […]

Living with HIV, Newly Diagnosed

Video: Let’s talk disclosure

Disclosure is a very personal decision. We’ve got some tips for telling your friends, family, or partner about your HIV status. ❤ ❤ ❤ Related Blogs:           Positive Peers is made […]

Being Young and Positive, Newly Diagnosed

I have just been diagnosed with HIV: Who do I need to tell?

Once you find out you’re HIV-positive, you have to decide who to tell. Some choices are super simple (but often not easy to do): You have to choose because it’s the law (and the right […]

Being Young and Positive, Newly Diagnosed

How to cope with HIV stigma

HIV stigma You can never tell how people will react when they find out you’ve been infected with HIV. Some people will show compassion and understanding. You’ll be amazed at how kind and decent they […]