Living with HIV, Peer Support

Tips for managing HIV when you’re homeless

HIV can feel overwhelming enough sometimes even when you’ve got all the right support systems and stable living environment to back you up. So when you’re homeless, HIV can be more challenging to manage. But […]

Living with HIV, Peer Support

How a positive mindset can change your life when you’re living with HIV

The thoughts that run through your head have a big impact on your life. Those thoughts can frame the way you feel about yourself and how you see and experience the world. Having a positive […]

Living with HIV, Peer Support

7 cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas

Who says Valentine’s Day needs to break your bank? Here are some cheap date ideas for you to plan a little something special for that special someone this Valentine’s Day.     Recent articles: 7 […]

Living with HIV, Peer Support, Safer Sex, Talking to a Doctor

What to do if you’ve been sexually assaulted

Sexual assault survivors can feel violated and terrorized. The fear and anxiety are like nothing they’ve ever experienced. If it happens to you, go somewhere safe immediately. It could be a well-lit restaurant, a police […]

Living with HIV

Simple ways to manage your money

Regardless of your status, it’s a great idea to manage the stress in your life as much as you can. It helps keep you healthy and allows your meds and your immune system to do […]

Living with HIV, Peer Support

How to get out of an abusive relationship

When it comes to escaping an abusive relationship, there’s no time like the present. Well, picking up and leaving right now might be tricky, but if somebody keeps hurting you, you may want to start […]

Living with HIV, Peer Support

7 ways to practice self-care when you’re living with HIV

Just chill. That’s all there is to it, right? If only. Whether you’re living with HIV or not, it’s crucial to have “me time” for doing whatever makes you happy. Practicing self-care means you’re carving […]

Living with HIV

How to heal from childhood abuse

Childhood abuse has a nasty habit of casting a shadow over your whole life. And when you’re living with HIV, you’re already living under the shadow of a disease that requires fierce determination to deal […]

Being Young and Positive, Peer Support

Tips for managing a sex addiction

There’s way too much shaming of people with sex addictions. We’re not about that at Positive Peers. We think everybody should be sex-positive and should never be shamed about their sex lives. In any case, […]

Living with HIV

If you’re incarcerated, how do you get your HIV medication?

Nobody likes to end up in jail, but it can happen to the best of us. If you are living with HIV, or know somebody who is, you need a plan in the back of […]