Living with HIV, Safer Sex

Dealing with sex anxiety when you’re living with HIV

Anxiety can really mess up your sex life. One second everything’s hot and steamy, but then for some reason you start worrying about something going wrong and the next thing you know you’re focusing on […]

Safer Sex

How sex workers can protect themselves from HIV

We want to start this blog by saying we’re not here to judge you or your decision to do sex work. We trust that as long as you are an adult and making the choice […]

Safer Sex

How to talk about what turns you on with your partner

There’s having sex and there’s talking about sex. Both are a lot of fun, but which would you rather be doing right now? I think we can guess which one.  😉 There’s no right or […]

Your Rights

Becoming an advocate for people with HIV

People living with HIV stick together and help each other out. Standing up against the haters is one of the great ways we do that. Why bother with the haters? Shouldn’t you just ignore them […]

Living with HIV

How to overcome fears of being alone when you’re living with HIV

“Will I ever date again?” People often ask this when they first learn they have HIV. They start hearing stories: “We were clicking till I told him I was positive. Then I never heard from […]

HIV Events

Two HIV events you should check out in September

September is a great month to be an HIV activist! Here are two events to be put on your calendar: National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day on Sept. 18. National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day […]

HIV 101

Why reading this blog can help people living with HIV everywhere

SPNS is short for “Special Projects of National Significance.” OK, so it’s hard to imagine a title more likely to put you right to sleep, but SPNS are something worth waking up and paying attention […]

Trans and HIV

7 tips for HIV prevention for transgender people

Being at risk for HIV is less about what or who you do and more about how you do it. If you’re not sharing needles and you’re not having sex without condoms, PrEP, or other […]

Talking to a Doctor

4 tips for a better pharmacy experience when you’re living with HIV

Going to the pharmacy is a super important part of managing HIV. It’s where you go to get your amazing meds that we’re always talking about. Without your meds, HIV could end up controlling you […]

Living with HIV

How to prepare for emergencies when you’re living with HIV

The whole point of taking HIV medications is to keep you strong, healthy, and able to deal with the day-to-day stuff of life — jobs, rent, relationships, and all the rest. What you don’t want […]