08: Peer Support, 15: Trans and HIV

Job Hunting When Trans or Non-Binary

That’s right—we’re here to help get you employed! 💼🤑 We’ll tackle the tricky questions to do with job hunting as trans or non-binary. Are you going to be out from the get-go? How do you […]

02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV

Help! How do I go about dating with HIV?

Well, would you look at the time: it’s shorts season! You’ve been feeling yourself lately, 💅 good weather is on the way, ☀️ and you’re wondering… How does this all work with HIV? Is a […]

02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV

Chestfeeding, Breastfeeding and HIV: What You Need to Know

Welcome to some of the best news we’ve heard so far in 2023: If you’re living with HIV and want to have a baby, United States guidelines now say that you can safely consider breast/chest […]

12: Mental health, 14: Sexual Identity

Let’s Talk About (Horribly Harmful) Conversion Therapy

  If you are in any way involved in the LGBTQ+ community, you’ve probably heard of conversion therapy. It doesn't work, it costs the US billions of dollars every year, only harms to those that […]

02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV, 05: HIV Healthcare

Routine viral load testing: Should you care?

If you’ve been on the Positive Peers app for a little bit, you’ve probably come across some information on viral load testing. For most, just the word ‘test’ is enough to bring up horrific classroom […]

03: Getting Tested for HIV, 04: Newly Diagnosed / HIV 101

HIV Stories: True Tales of Living With HIV

  The Tales of Triumph series is one of our favorite things to put together at Positive Peers. We sit down with real people and listen to their HIV stories, taking in the good and […]

05: HIV Healthcare, 06: Talking to a Doctor, 10: Side Effects & Complications

Cabenuva: An alternative for those struggling to take their meds?

  What if you didn’t have to take a daily pill? 💊 It’s normal to feel off about swallowing a pill. Maybe you’re in a mental space where you’re uncomfortable taking your meds. Maybe it […]

19: Key Health Partners

Cabenuva: Advocating for Patients with an HIV Specialty Pharmacy Program

1996 marked the year when “people stopped dying” from HIV due to newly available antiretroviral drugs. Since then, treatment is often as simple as one daily pill that can suppress the virus to undetectable levels. […]

09: Sex When Living with HIV

Why We Love to Have Sex in Winter

Every year, Mother Earth 🌎 clearly wants you to get down and dirty. She makes us slow down, turns down the temperature, sets some mood lighting… If the birds hadn’t migrated south, they’d probably be […]

08: Peer Support, 17: Young and Positive, 19: Key Health Partners

Building an effective HIV youth support group

  You might think that living with HIV affects everyone the same, regardless of how old you are. But at each stage of growth, there is a difference in the support needed. In this blog, […]