02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV

How to talk about HIV with your child

  As parents, we’ve all been there, trying to figure out how to tell our kids about the big things in life. You know — the birds 🦅 and the bees 🐝 , the meaning […]

10: Side Effects & Complications, 16: Women and HIV

Does HIV Cause Hair Loss?

  Does HIV cause hair loss? Hey, we don’t blame you for asking; those luscious locks deserve to be looked after! 🤩 But the truth is: for most people, what does cause hair loss is […]

05: HIV Healthcare, 08: Peer Support

Motivation for hiv patients to stay on HIV treatment

  Healthy living feels like work, am I right? 😓 That is true for most people, but when you have HIV it becomes necessary to exercise regularly 🚴🏾, eat right, and stay on antiretroviral therapy […]

04: Newly Diagnosed / HIV 101

My partner is HIV positive and I am negative

First of all, well done for getting tested. You’ve done the right thing, you superhero. 💪🏾 So many feelings If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Fear, frustration and even hopelessness are all completely normal […]

08: Peer Support

Where are my HIV+ friends? HIV and loneliness.

Friendship is a wildly underrated medication. - Anna Deavere Smith Friendships are simply necessary. 💛 Friends provide more than just giving you a shoulder to cry on. 😘😢 They also positively impact your health. HIV+ […]

19: Key Health Partners

Timing of support is critical to patients’ HIV care plan

  Breaking the news of a life-changing diagnosis is one of the most difficult parts of a healthcare professional’s job. It’s a life-changing moment for any patient, with reactions ranging from fear to sadness to […]

19: Key Health Partners

The Importance of a Peer Support Network in HIV Care

The Importance of a Peer Support Network in HIV Care Navigating HIV doesn’t need to be a one-person operation. Living with HIV – be it a recent diagnosis or a decades-long journey – should include […]

19: Key Health Partners

Positive Peers is achieving goals within the EHE Pillars

Positive Peers is on the frontlines in support and advocacy for people living with HIV. Built by MetroHealth and supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and […]

12: Mental health

What does stigma-free mean?

Let’s be honest: we really can be our own worst enemy 😔. When that first HIV diagnosis comes in, we pile on a whole bunch of baggage and negativity on ourselves. It’s not our fault […]

08: Peer Support

HIV support groups: what are they, and should I join one?

Even if you are already getting support from friends or family, having even more help is never a bad thing 😊. So, what about support groups? Can they actually be helpful for those living with […]