Tales of Triumph: Cederick's Story

Cederick was 24-years old when he was diagnosed with HIV. He was feeling weird while visiting a friend in Florida. He wasn’t eating well and thought it was due to the heat. Then, one night, […]

Tales of Triumph: Mariah's Story

Mariah is a 25-year-old mother of three. She laughs quickly and easily when you ask her about her life. She likes to travel and hopes to go to nursing school someday. How does she think […]

Tales of Triumph: Dennis's Story

Dennis has reminders of the days when he settled things with his fists. “I used to be into fighting. I got marks still,” he says. Now he’s working to help people heal. And he thanks […]

Tales of Triumph: Henry's Story

Bad times can turn into good times. Henry is living proof. “It’s crazy to think that just over a year and a half, I went from wanting to end it all to now I’m just […]

Tales of Triumph: Sameer's Story

There’s one part of you that a virus can never reach, Sameer says. “My soul isn’t HIV-positive,” Sameer says. “It’s just my body for right now.” Sameer was diagnosed nearly eight years ago. He was […]