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What you should know about diabetes and HIV

Here at Positive Peers, we’re all about you living healthy and happy. Today we’re going to dive into a common health condition that can be kind of confusing — diabetes. We’ll go over what it […]

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Taking your meds every day

It can be hard to create a new habit — like taking your meds every day. Stick with it and use the Positive Peers app to give you daily reminders to keep up the good […]

Living with HIV

Secrets to getting the best night sleep

Sleep is about more than just giving your mind a break — it’s also the time you’re body heals and recovers! Watch the video for some tips on how to get the best night sleep. For more […]

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Health benefits of animal therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is a field that uses animals to help people deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), physical injuries, and other health problems. The goal of animal therapy is to improve people’s social, physical, […]

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How to disclose your HIV status on dating and hookup apps

We believe that HIV should never stand in the way of your life — and that includes looking for love or a little bit of lovin’. And dating and hookup apps are a great way […]

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How to be more body positive when you’re living with HIV

Developing a healthy body image is something we could all use help with. You don’t have to feel alone if you are worried or insecure about how you look; it’s a common thought for many […]

Living with HIV

Travel tips for people living with HIV

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about lying in an exotic land with a beautiful lover by your side? It’s safe to say that most of us have had those thoughts run through our minds […]

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Tips for cutting back on alcohol

We get it: A stiff drink takes the edge off and makes it easier to deal with all the crazy in your life. Four or five glasses of wine ramps up the fun factor at […]

Living with HIV

How to make a great impression in a job interview

When you apply for a job or send somebody your resume, they can see your qualifications, skills, education, and experience. It looks great on paper. The job interview, however, is real life. You have to […]

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Back to school: Living with HIV in college

If you’re going to college, you don’t have to let HIV get in your way. There will be struggles — but nothing you can’t handle. You have to think about things like sticking to your […]