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How to make it through the upcoming holidays with HIV

It’s that time of year again– temperatures are dropping, winter coats become a necessity, and colds seem to be spreading at lightspeed! But it also means that the holidays are approaching and will be here […]

Being Young and Positive, Living with HIV

Tips for dealing with workplace harassment

You’ve heard of workplace harassment. It was probably talked about during orientation when you were hired because it’s a very real and destructive problem that’s way more common than people think. For many reasons, 90 […]

Healthy Habits, Living with HIV

How to meal prep

Between Pinterest and Facebook, you’ve probably heard of meal prepping. Maybe it’s always seemed like something out of reach, but I have good news for you: it isn’t! In fact, prepping your meals ahead of […]

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What you need to know about gonorrhea

We’ve talked about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) before and laid out how important it is to get tested regularly. Today, we’re going to dive into one of the most common STIs in the United States: […]

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Nurture yourself with good nutrition

If you took health class back in school, you probably heard the word nutrition tossed around a lot. Maybe you’ve even seen it written on the side of a box of cereal or canned food. […]

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5 ways to spend time with animals if you’re an animal lover

A lot of us really love animals and for a good reason! Spending time with animals comes with more benefits than you might realize. They can help improve our self-esteem and feel better about our […]

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Dealing with hate while living with HIV

When it comes to HIV, there are a lot of misconceptions. People who are HIV positive sometimes face discrimination and confusion from their friends and family. The Kaiser Family Foundation released a study in 2012 […]

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Do YOU. (Talking about masturbation.)

Your bae just left you, the club scene is anything but lit, or you’re spending way too much time swiping left on Tinder. Maybe you are newly diagnosed and still getting the courage to ramp […]

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Tips for being your best professional self

Getting a job that is meaningful to you — and keeping it — is a big part of life. After all, you gotta pay the bills somehow! Having a successful career isn’t just about finding […]

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I’m living with HIV and HPV: What should I know?

Living with HIV and another illness is called a coinfection, which happens because HIV weakens your immune system’s ability to fight off other illnesses. Some people living with HIV also are living with something called […]