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Why you should get a flu shot

Winter is coming…and you know what that means. You still have a few months before Game of Thrones comes back, but it won’t be long before it seems like everyone you know is coming down […]

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What to expect when telling your partner you’re living with HIV

We get it — gathering the courage to tell your partner that you’re living with HIV can be nervewracking and just plain scary. If talking to your partner about HIV has been something on your […]

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Adrenaline: Living on the edge with HIV

Jumping out of a plane. Whitewater rafting. Cliff diving. Let’s face it, some of us get a surge of adrenaline when we read those words, and some of us are totally petrified. We’re all wired […]

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What are the benefits of green tea?

What’s so great about drinking green tea when you’re living with HIV? (…besides the fact that it rhymes.) Green tea can be good for anyone, regardless of your HIV status. However, it does have added […]

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What you need to know about hand-foot-and-mouth disease

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease, or HFMD, usually happens to babies and little children. It’s a virus that gets in their hands, spit, snot, and poop, and they can pass it quickly from one person to the next. […]

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Living with HIV and without an appetite: what do I do?

In the past, many people living with HIV used to lose their appetite because the infection ruined their appetite. Now, some modern HIV meds can have a similar effect. For some people, certain HIV medications […]

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What you should know about diabetes and HIV

Here at Positive Peers, we’re all about you living healthy and happy. Today we’re going to dive into a common health condition that can be kind of confusing — diabetes. We’ll go over what it […]

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Taking your meds every day

It can be hard to create a new habit — like taking your meds every day. Stick with it and use the Positive Peers app to give you daily reminders to keep up the good […]

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Secrets to getting the best night sleep

Sleep is about more than just giving your mind a break — it’s also the time you’re body heals and recovers! Watch the video for some tips on how to get the best night sleep. For more […]

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Health benefits of animal therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is a field that uses animals to help people deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), physical injuries, and other health problems. The goal of animal therapy is to improve people’s social, physical, […]