19: Key Health Partners

Cabenuva: Advocating for Patients with an HIV Specialty Pharmacy Program

1996 marked the year when “people stopped dying” from HIV due to newly available antiretroviral drugs. Since then, treatment is often as simple as one daily pill that can suppress the virus to undetectable levels. […]

08: Peer Support, 17: Young and Positive, 19: Key Health Partners

Building an effective HIV youth support group

  You might think that living with HIV affects everyone the same, regardless of how old you are. But at each stage of growth, there is a difference in the support needed. In this blog, […]

19: Key Health Partners, 20: Born with HIV

Advocating for Youth and Young Adults Born With HIV

  Breakthroughs in modern medicine have led to advancements in HIV care delivery, especially for those born with HIV. With today's medications, it's become increasingly rare for an HIV-positive person to give birth to an […]

19: Key Health Partners

Timing of support is critical to patients’ HIV care plan

  Breaking the news of a life-changing diagnosis is one of the most difficult parts of a healthcare professional’s job. It’s a life-changing moment for any patient, with reactions ranging from fear to sadness to […]

19: Key Health Partners

The Importance of a Peer Support Network in HIV Care

The Importance of a Peer Support Network in HIV Care Navigating HIV doesn’t need to be a one-person operation. Living with HIV – be it a recent diagnosis or a decades-long journey – should include […]

19: Key Health Partners

Positive Peers is achieving goals within the EHE Pillars

Positive Peers is on the frontlines in support and advocacy for people living with HIV. Built by MetroHealth and supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and […]

19: Key Health Partners

Positive Peers tackles social isolation among people living with HIV

When a person finds out they have HIV, it is a life-changing moment. People often have a hard time adjusting to the new reality of living with HIV and can experience negative emotional impacts from […]