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How to lower your risk of HIV from injectable drugs

Heroin (or any other drug you might inject) addiction is tough to kick. If you’re injecting, it pays to adopt basic safety practices. Safer injecting means reducing the risk of germs and viruses passing between […]

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Can I overdose on my HIV meds?

It’s natural to wonder if you can overdose on HIV medication. However, the short answer is NO, you don’t really have to worry about overdosing if you take them as prescribed. But what if you […]

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Video: How quitting smoking can spice up your sex life

Need a reason to quit smoking? 🙅🏾🚬☠️ We’ve got…ahem…a big one. 😉 🍆 Positive Peers is made possible through a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration, HIV/AIDS Bureau Special […]

Alcohol, Drugs & HIV

Is smoking harmful when you’re living with HIV?

Staying on your HIV meds adds years to your life. Smoking cigarettes subtracts from those years. The science is crystal clear: About one out of five Americans smokes cigarettes, and cigarettes cause about one out […]

Alcohol, Drugs & HIV

HIV risks of using meth, cocaine, and injected drugs

Injected drugs have a notorious reputation for spreading HIV, but a lot people who use drugs never use needles. Does that mean it’s safer to use drugs like meth and cocaine if you don’t inject […]