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Tips for cutting back on alcohol

We get it: A stiff drink takes the edge off and makes it easier to deal with all the crazy in your life. Four or five glasses of wine ramps up the fun factor at […]

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How to get help with an addiction

An addiction is something you can’t stop doing, no matter how much trouble it causes. And it’s not just heroin or meth. People get hooked on video games, social media, sex, porn, gambling, and stuff […]

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How other countries are fighting HIV

We all have to work together to stop HIV. The cure could come from anywhere — a lab in Africa, a university in Europe, a clinic in Asia, or a pharmaceutical company in South America. All […]

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Tips to quit smoking

The scientists who study HIV say quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health besides taking your meds every day. Easy for them to say. They’re not the ones […]

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Tips for transitioning out of sex work (if you want to)

Sex work is nothing to be ashamed of, as anybody who is truly sex positive will tell you. Whether you’re an escort or a porn performer, you have a job to do. It can be […]

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Why needle exchange programs are important for HIV prevention (and where you can find them)

It doesn’t matter what you’re injecting or why you’re doing it — heroin for your habit, steroids for muscle growth, or hormones for a transition — it’s a lot safer to use a sterile needle […]

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How to lower your risk of HIV from injectable drugs

Heroin (or any other drug you might inject) addiction is tough to kick. If you’re injecting, it pays to adopt basic safety practices. Safer injecting means reducing the risk of germs and viruses passing between […]

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Can I overdose on my HIV meds?

It’s natural to wonder if you can overdose on HIV medication. However, the short answer is NO, you don’t really have to worry about overdosing if you take them as prescribed. But what if you […]

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Video: How quitting smoking can spice up your sex life

Quitting smoking can spice up your sex life Need a reason to quit smoking? 🙅🏾🚬☠️ We’ve got…ahem…a big one. 😉 🍆 Related Blogs:         Positive Peers is made possible through a U.S. […]

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Is smoking harmful when you’re living with HIV?

Staying on your HIV meds adds years to your life. Smoking cigarettes subtracts from those years. The science is crystal clear: About one out of five Americans smokes cigarettes, and cigarettes cause about one out […]