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How to get PrEP for free (or cheap)

Taking PrEP can almost eliminate the risk of catching HIV — but can you afford it? PrEP is sold under the name brand Truvada. Taking Truvada can reduce the odds of an HIV infection by […]

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What to do when you’re ready to get back into HIV care

Congratulations! Getting back into HIV care is the best thing you can do for yourself. One thing that HIV teaches you is that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. What’s important is […]

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Mental Illness: What it is, how to spot symptoms, where to get help

If you’re living with HIV, you already know all about stigma and how it can block people from getting the help they need. People may think HIV is untreatable or that it’s a death sentence. […]

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How to get help with an addiction

An addiction is something you can’t stop doing, no matter how much trouble it causes. And it’s not just heroin or meth. People get hooked on video games, social media, sex, porn, gambling, and stuff […]

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Who to go to for help with HIV paperwork

When you’re living with HIV, sometimes it might feel like the paperwork will never end. Pretty much everything you do in life requires some kind of documentation, and that includes taking care of your HIV. […]

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Video: Time to ask your doctor about PrEP

When things get hot and heavy, will you be ready? 😉 With PrEP, you can get TheD without worrying about HIV! 😍 Ask your doctor about it today or check out to learn how PrEP and other […]

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Get covered: The Affordable Care Act and HIV

The official name is the Affordable Care Act. Some folks call it ACA or Obamacare. Whatever you call it, the benefits are the same: health insurance policies for individuals and families that do not have […]

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Getting help from an HIV/AIDS hotline

You had some great sex with a new boo but forgot to use a condom and now you’re in a panic. You missed a day of your HIV meds and you’re wondering what’ll happen. You […]

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How the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program can help you get the care you need

Ryan White was a hero in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Today, thousands of Americans get the HIV treatment they need thanks to a program named in his honor. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS […]

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How drug assistance programs can help you afford your HIV meds

You’ve seen this advice a dozen times by now: Take your HIV meds every day exactly like your doctor says. Then you find out that anti-retroviral therapy (ART) can cost thousands of dollars a month. […]