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Routine viral load testing: Should you care?

If you’ve been on the Positive Peers app for a little bit, you’ve probably come across some information on viral load testing. For most, just the word ‘test’ is enough to bring up horrific classroom […]

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Cabenuva: An alternative for those struggling to take their meds?

  What if you didn’t have to take a daily pill? 💊 It’s normal to feel off about swallowing a pill. Maybe you’re in a mental space where you’re uncomfortable taking your meds. Maybe it […]

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Motivation for HIV patients to stay on HIV treatment

  Healthy living feels like work, am I right? 😓 That is true for most people, but when you have HIV it becomes necessary to exercise regularly 🚴🏾, eat right, and stay on antiretroviral therapy […]

05: HIV Healthcare

Why No Cure for HIV?

It seems as if every few months, a new headline comes across the news telling us about a new HIV discovery. Our hopes go up and down depending on who is saying what. So, why […]

05: HIV Healthcare, 10: Side Effects & Complications

Handling Headaches and Migraines with HIV

Is there a connection between living with HIV and having headaches or migraines? People living with HIV have reported having far more headaches after being diagnosed. We understand how debilitating headaches can be. They slow […]

05: HIV Healthcare, 10: Side Effects & Complications

Hormones and weight: Monitor but don’t stress, y'all

Weight loss and gain can tip up and down, including living with HIV. Hormones can play a role in either direction, but have no fear – it happens. Either way, we want to make sure […]

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How to Pay for Rehab

This has been a time like no other. Oh, the pandemic blues.😅 😭 😖 So many of us have been socially isolated indoors and haven’t had our normal comforts. UGH! Everything can seem out-of-whack. Lonely […]

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Does HIV affect your period? We got your answers!

Oh, the dreaded time of the month for anyone with ovaries and a uterus around the globe. Many, including those who aren’t living with HIV, experience menstruation woes. But did you know that HIV can […]

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Keeping your skin on fleek during stressful times

I’m willing to bet there’s been a moment in the last year that stressed you out, had you shook – at least once. I mean, we’re living during a pandemic. Stress is natural, and it […]

05: HIV Healthcare

What people living with HIV need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine

So, the vaccine is out and slowly being distributed to folks. Your first question that probably comes to mind is: Is it safe for me? 🤔 😓 In short: YES!!! Absolutely! 👏🏾 COVID-19 vaccines that […]