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Coping with grief when friends die from HIV-related issues

Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things in the world. When you’re living with HIV, their death can be even harder if it’s from HIV-related complications. Not only is it a sad […]

Mental health

How thoughts and emotions affect your health—using positive affirmations

Your emotional wellbeing has a big impact on your overall health. Having good emotional health helps you learn to understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Figuring this out will help you learn to cope with […]

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How to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts

We’ve talked about depression on the blog a few times before, but we haven’t talked too much about suicide. We know that life can get tough sometimes, especially when you’re living with HIV. Some days […]

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Health benefits of animal therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is a field that uses animals to help people deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), physical injuries, and other health problems. The goal of animal therapy is to improve people’s social, physical, […]

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How to be more body positive when you’re living with HIV

Developing a healthy body image is something we could all use help with. You don’t have to feel alone if you are worried or insecure about how you look; it’s a common thought for many […]

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Tips for picking the right therapist or counselor

Some days it’s all too much. Maintaining your HIV treatment, school, work, family, love life— you name it. They’re all pulling you in 16 directions. You know it’s all about staying on your HIV meds […]

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How you can use affirmations for a more positive mindset

We’re big believers in the power of a positive mindset! Check out some of our favorite affirmations. Related Blogs:           Positive Peers is made possible through a U.S. Department of Health […]

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Tips for dealing with grief

When you lose someone you love, grief is more than just feeling sad. It’s more like a process that helps you learn to live with the loss. (Special note: Grief doesn’t just affect people who […]

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How meditation can help you manage stress and anxiety when you’re living with HIV

It’s bad enough that social media and news headlines pump hot-and-cold crazy into your world. But you also may have the natural instinct sometimes to panic over your HIV diagnosis and run screaming into the […]

Living with HIV, Mental health

Tips for managing stress and depression when you’re living with HIV

If you’re living with HIV, it’s not unusual to struggle with stress and depression. We’re sharing some of our tips for managing stress! But remember, you’re not alone — there are people who can help […]