12: Mental health, 14: Sexual Identity

Let’s Talk About (Horribly Harmful) Conversion Therapy

  If you are in any way involved in the LGBTQ+ community, you’ve probably heard of conversion therapy. It doesn't work, it costs the US billions of dollars every year, only harms to those that […]

12: Mental health

What does stigma-free mean?

Let’s be honest: we really can be our own worst enemy 😔. When that first HIV diagnosis comes in, we pile on a whole bunch of baggage and negativity on ourselves. It’s not our fault […]

12: Mental health

Seasonal Changes Got You SAD?

Winter is coming. ❄️❄️❄️ Although seasonal weather changes are different depending on where you live, these changes can affect our moods. 😒 For some people, the weather they see outside their windows can negatively impact […]

08: Peer Support, 12: Mental health, 17: Young and Positive

These Body Positive Accounts Are All About Spreading the Self-Love

It’s soooo important to love our bodies and nourish them both physically and emotionally. 💞 Sometimes it can be hard in a society that values a certain body type and criticizes those who don’t fit […]

02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV, 12: Mental health

Faith & spirituality connections

Faith and spirituality can play a role in our lives, however, we want it to! Faith and spirituality can provide care and centering whether in good or bad times. It can often serve as the […]

12: Mental health

Self-love Playlist

One of the most important aspects of life is loving yourself. But we know that loving yourself doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes you just need another reminder from a friend, family member, or even your […]

12: Mental health

Slay the stigma and transform your day with these inspirational HIV quotes

It’s time to step into the badass you are and get better at encouraging yourself when you need it most.🎉 Because here at Positive Peers, we all know how awesome you are, but it’s time […]

08: Peer Support, 12: Mental health

The impact of self-stigma and living with HIV

If only the best way to decrease self-stigma about living with HIV was as simple as changing your mind set, some meditation and positive pep talks. But we know it’s not that easy. Whether you’re […]

05: HIV Healthcare, 12: Mental health


Let’s do a little HIV refresher first. It may seem silly, but it will make understanding HAND a lot easier, we promise! So, HIV weakens the immune system over time, which can make people living […]

12: Mental health

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and How They Shape Us

About two-thirds of all people will experience an adverse childhood experience (ACE) according to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, but what does this mean? Adverse childhood experience is any trauma, abuse, or neglect someone […]