10: Side Effects & Complications, 16: Women and HIV

Does HIV Cause Hair Loss?

  Does HIV cause hair loss? Hey, we don’t blame you for asking; those luscious locks deserve to be looked after! 🤩 But the truth is: for most people, what does cause hair loss is […]

16: Women and HIV

How to safely conceive a baby when you or your partner are living with HIV

Living with HIV is very different than it used to be. Today, folks are living full, healthy lives. Thanks, modern medicine! All of this means if you and your partner dream of having a family, […]

16: Women and HIV

What to expect with pregnancy

Pregnancy is a challenging and exciting time for anyone, regardless of whether either of the parents are living with HIV. It is common for pregnant couples impacted by HIV to worry about their baby’s HIV […]

02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV, 16: Women and HIV

How to talk to your kids about your HIV status

Making the decision to tell anyone about your HIV status can be tough. That’s especially true when it comes to deciding to tell your own children. Every family is different. There is no one good […]

10: Side Effects & Complications, 16: Women and HIV

PrEP and pregnancy: Know the risks and side effects

The question of PrEP and pregnancy is a bit of a tangle. PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, is a medicine HIV-negative people can take to reduce their odds of becoming infected with HIV by up to […]

07: Protecting my Partner, 09: Sex When Living with HIV, 16: Women and HIV

Internal condoms: Why condoms aren’t just for tops anymore

An internal condom is designed specifically for use by the receptive partner. It can be used in the vagina or anus. It provides another option for preventing pregnancy and protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. Internal […]

16: Women and HIV

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

National Women’s and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is coming up on March 10.  This is a great chance to remind people that HIV is not a “guy disease” or a “gay disease.” Around the world, […]

01: Blogs With Audio Content, 16: Women and HIV

I've just been diagnosed with HIV...and I'm pregnant

You can’t help worrying: What’s going to happen to my baby now that I have HIV? OK, so “pregnant with HIV” sounds like the worst thing in the world the first time you hear it. […]

16: Women and HIV

How HIV affects straight women

HIV In Women HIV is not a “gay” disease or a “guy” disease. HIV will infect anybody — all it needs is a way into the bloodstream. When you see statistics about HIV in women, […]

16: Women and HIV

How HIV affects the ladies: Protect yourself

People who think HIV is a disease of gay men probably haven’t seen the facts on how many straight women are infected. More than 20 women become infected with HIV every day in the United […]