Getting Tested, HIV 101

Busting 8 common HIV testing myths

It’s easy to get tested for HIV. But guess what: It’s even easier to cook up excuses to not get tested. We see you, girl. Human nature: If you gotta choose between easy and easier, […]

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How other countries are fighting HIV

We all have to work together to stop HIV. The cure could come from anywhere — a lab in Africa, a university in Europe, a clinic in Asia, or a pharmaceutical company in South America. All […]

Getting Tested, HIV 101, Safer Sex

What you need to know about hepatitis

Hepatitis is another h-word that if you’re already living with HIV, you may not want to hear anything about it. But there are some good reasons why it’s important to know how the virus works […]

Getting Tested, Safer Sex

7 STIs you should know about

We all love sex — it’s fun to get down with bae, even if they’re only for tonight. If you’re having sex on the reg though, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll pick up some kind […]

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Why HIV criminalization doesn’t work

If you know you have HIV, you should tell your sex partners before doing the deed. That’s just the right thing to do. But HIV criminalization takes this to the extreme: More than half of […]

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Video: Got frisky? Was it risky? Get the test that suits you best

Got frisky? Was it risky? When it comes to HIV testing, you’ve got options! 🙌🏾  Getting tested regularly is the only way to know your status for sure — so find the test that suits […]

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Why is it important to know if you’ve got HIV?

Worrying about whether you’ve been infected with HIV can drive you nuts. All that stress is bad for your health.. There’s always a chance you’ll test negative and all your worrying was a waste. There […]

Getting Tested

Why should I get tested for HIV?

If HIV is in your blood, you can fight it.   If the virus is detected early enough and you stay on the meds your doctor prescribes, you can stay healthy and strong for decades. […]

Getting Tested

I’m worried I was exposed to HIV — What should I do?

If you think you were exposed to HIV, try really hard to relax and focus on what to do next. It’s natural to worry, of course, but try to focus on facts instead of fears. […]

Getting Tested

What are CD4 counts and viral loads?

When you have HIV, doctors send you to the lab for blood draw so they can determine two important blood test results: CD4 count, or t-cell count, which measures the quantity of a specific white […]