08: Peer Support, 15: Trans and HIV

Job Hunting When Trans or Non-Binary

That’s right—we’re here to help get you employed! 💼🤑 We’ll tackle the tricky questions to do with job hunting as trans or non-binary. Are you going to be out from the get-go? How do you […]

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5 tips for transgender people to find a doctor for the care you need

Being a person who identifies as transgender sometimes means you’re faced with a lot more hate, pressure, and barriers in life than other people. Because of these types of obstacles, trans people may be more […]

15: Trans and HIV

Don’t Miss These Top HIV Events in 2020

Although living with HIV can sometimes be a burden, you aren’t trapped. It’s 2020, so it’s time to slay the stigma for those living with HIV!  One of the best ways you can slay is […]

14: Sexual Identity, 15: Trans and HIV

Coming out: Katie's story

For many people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT), coming out of the closet is a huge moment in their lives — and also sometimes one of the most nerve-wracking. It can be […]

14: Sexual Identity, 15: Trans and HIV, 18: Know Your Rights

How discrimination laws affect Ohio's LGBTQ community

It’s legal for same-sex couples to get married. Cities in Ohio and across the country have banned discrimination against LGBTQ people. That must mean it’s all good, right? Don’t be so sure. While those are […]

14: Sexual Identity, 15: Trans and HIV

LGBTQ safe spaces and resources in Cleveland

You deserve to feel safe in your community. Lots of folks feel the same way. They’ve created safe spaces where LGBTQ people can be themselves and get a break from sneers, bullying, microaggressions, and bias. […]

08: Peer Support, 14: Sexual Identity, 15: Trans and HIV

Assigned sex, gender identity, and everything in between

Ever wonder what the difference is between someone’s sex, gender, and sexual orientation? The answer to this question can seem complicated at first, but with some time and effort, it’s actually pretty simple. Let’s take […]

15: Trans and HIV

7 HIV prevention tips for transgender people

Being at risk for HIV is less about what or who you do and more about how you do it. If you’re not sharing needles and you’re not having sex without condoms, PrEP, or other […]

15: Trans and HIV

Hormone therapy & HIV

HIV is an important issue in the trans community because a substantial proportion of transgender people are living with HIV (about a third of transgender women are HIV positive, according to some estimates). Trans people […]

15: Trans and HIV

HIV prevention for the transgender community

As a trans person, you know you can’t change the world overnight. For some, acceptance might be a long road to walk down. But there is one thing you can change overnight: your outlook on […]