11: Healthy Habits

Can reading improve health and reduce stress?

We’re all stressed. Of course, we are! Life is super complicated, and we’re all looking for ways to deal. But for those living with HIV, who are already going through stressful situations like nobody’s business, […]

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Getting Out of Debt

Debt is one of the many crappy parts of adulting. There’s no joy in debt – no amusement park happiness. Just crap. 👎🏽👎🏽 Well, at least (hopefully) the debt isn’t the end of the world, […]

11: Healthy Habits, 13: Dealing with Addiction & HIV

How to Stay Sober after Going to Rehab

We’ve discussed going to rehab (read also: How to Tell Your Loved Ones You're Going to Rehab). Now, we want to focus on staying sober after rehab. You are not alone. We at MetroHealth are […]

11: Healthy Habits

Avoid Getting Full During the Holidays

Avoid Getting Full During the Holidays When we sit down to eat during the holidays, we all have the same plan: unbutton the top button on our jeans. 😉 A clear sign that holiday food […]

11: Healthy Habits

Health Benefits of Cuddling

Human touch was probably something most of us took for granted in “The Beforetimes.” COVID-19 delivered a devastating blow to many of us who enjoyed being touched or held by a friend, partner, or loved […]

02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV, 11: Healthy Habits

Making sense of financial aid & tuition

Pursuing any kind of education can be superrrrr stressful. (sigh! 😅 🙃 ) We totally understand. We also also applaud you if that's what you're doing right now! 👏 Leveling up in any way comes […]

11: Healthy Habits

Is the Keto Diet Right for You?

Y’all know that diet fads come and go. Seems like every few years, we hear of a new fad and meal plans. They’re supposed to be miracles for bringing us more energy and taking off […]

11: Healthy Habits

HIV & weight gain - what's the connection?

Recently, we saw a study that showed some people actively taking their HIV meds have gained weight. What’s the deal with this?? Well, people living with HIV are experiencing increases in body mass index (BMI) […]

11: Healthy Habits

Allergies and HIV: What's the connection?!

Did you know that people living with HIV are more likely to have allergies? Crazy, right?! But it’s true. And we are here to tell you how to deal with those pesky allergies during the […]

11: Healthy Habits

New year, new you! Time to get healthy

It’s that time of year again when we all make New Year’s Resolutions and slowly forget about them as the year goes on. And while a popular resolution is “getting healthy,” it’s just too….well, boring. […]