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Why community pharmacies are awesome

Community pharmacies are just one of the many things we love about living in the modern world. They’re totally open to the public and come with some pretty cool benefits. What’s not to love? You […]

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Why you should get a flu shot

Winter is coming…and you know what that means. You still have a few months before Game of Thrones comes back, but it won’t be long before it seems like everyone you know is coming down […]

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What people living with HIV need to know about shigella

Shigella is a nasty kind of bacteria that loves to infect your gut and give you a terrible case of diarrhea that lasts for weeks. It’s important to be extra aware of Shigella when engaging […]

Living with HIV, Talking to a Doctor

What you need to know about hand-foot-and-mouth disease

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease, or HFMD, usually happens to babies and little children. It’s a virus that gets in their hands, spit, snot, and poop, and they can pass it quickly from one person to the next. […]

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Living with HIV and without an appetite: what do I do?

In the past, many people living with HIV used to lose their appetite because the infection ruined their appetite. Now, some modern HIV meds can have a similar effect. For some people, certain HIV medications […]

Living with HIV, Talking to a Doctor

What you should know about diabetes and HIV

Here at Positive Peers, we’re all about you living healthy and happy. Today we’re going to dive into a common health condition that can be kind of confusing — diabetes. We’ll go over what it […]

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Mental Illness: What it is, how to spot symptoms, where to get help

If you’re living with HIV, you already know all about stigma and how it can block people from getting the help they need. People may think HIV is untreatable or that it’s a death sentence. […]

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What to do if you’ve been sexually assaulted

Sexual assault survivors can feel violated and terrorized. The fear and anxiety are like nothing they’ve ever experienced. If it happens to you, go somewhere safe immediately. It could be a well-lit restaurant, a police […]

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4 tips for a better pharmacy experience when you’re living with HIV

Going to the pharmacy is a super important part of managing HIV. It’s where you go to get your amazing meds that we’re always talking about. Without your meds, HIV could end up controlling you […]

Talking to a Doctor

4 ways to keep it real with your doc

You know you’re supposed to be honest with your doctor. Doctors keep you healthy, which might make them seem scary. Nobody likes to look at a doctor and admit stuff like how often you go […]