05: HIV Healthcare, 10: Side Effects & Complications

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?

HIV and AIDS are not the same thing. Not even close. AIDS is what happens after HIV goes unchecked and ruins your immune system. So, HIV always comes before AIDS. But HIV doesn’t always turn […]

03: Getting Tested for HIV, 05: HIV Healthcare

I’m ready to get tested for HIV. Now where do I go?

You’ve made up your mind to get tested for HIV. Congratulations! Sometimes that’s the hardest part. Thankfully, figuring out where to get a HIV test is a little bit easier Getting started The best place […]

05: HIV Healthcare

Who to go to for help with HIV paperwork

When you’re living with HIV, sometimes it might feel like the paperwork will never end. Pretty much everything you do in life requires some kind of documentation, and that includes taking care of your HIV. […]

05: HIV Healthcare

June HIV events

June 2017 has two HIV-related events you won’t want to miss: June 8: National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day June 27: National HIV Testing Day Here on the Positive Peers blog, we’re true believers in […]

05: HIV Healthcare

3 ways to get involved in HIV events in April

Want to get involved in HIV awareness? April is a great month to do it! Here’s the breakdown of three ways you can get involved in HIV Awareness events in April: National Youth HIV AIDS […]

05: HIV Healthcare, 11: Healthy Habits

7 ways to protect your heart when you’re living with HIV

Unfortunately, heart disease is one of the most common risks of aging. It’s true for everybody, even if they don’t have HIV. But for those living with HIV, some studies suggest that there is an […]

05: HIV Healthcare, 06: Talking to a Doctor

Video: Time to ask your doctor about PrEP

Time to ask your doctor about PrEP When things get hot and heavy, will you be ready? 😉 With PrEP, you can get TheD without worrying about HIV! 😍 Ask your doctor about it today or check out […]

05: HIV Healthcare

Get covered: The Affordable Care Act and HIV

The official name is the Affordable Care Act. Some folks call it ACA or Obamacare. Whatever you call it, the benefits are the same: health insurance policies for individuals and families that do not have […]

04: Newly Diagnosed / HIV 101, 05: HIV Healthcare

I’ve just been diagnosed with HIV. Now what?

If you’ve been diagnosed HIV-positive, the first thing you need to know right now is that you are not alone. Doctors, nurses, social workers — they all want to help you. It’s what they do. […]

05: HIV Healthcare

Apply to be a 2017 National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD) Ambassador

  If you think people just like you — young, strong, and living with HIV — should have a greater voice in how things get done, here’s a chance to do something about it: apply […]