You’re probs addicted to social media and here’s why

By: Ann Avery, MD, Infectious Disease Physician at MetroHealth Medical Center

We’re all guilty of it, so don’t think you’re alone. You’re human and, especially right now during this challenging time with the pandemic and social distancing still in place, the only way to stay connected is truly by using our cell phones – but mostly social media.

Come on, we know you’ve had TikTok open on your cellphone at the same time you’re watching YouTube videos on the TV before…..possibly even today…right now. No Judgement! We also admittedly might possibly have Twitter / Facebook / Instagram all open on our smartphones, too.

Here are 15 signs you actually are addicted to social media:

  1. When you wake up randomly throughout the night and the first thing you do is check your social media. You probably didn’t even have a notification, but you still automatically click on that app icon.
  2. You religiously scroll through your social feed first thing in the morning. You also probably have a favorite order to do it in.
  3. Andddddd you’ve seen that social post from your high school friend you haven’t talked to in 10 years 5x already because you keep refreshing the app hoping for new content to appear. Admit it – you’re addicted.
  4. Which brings us to – you’re also TOO good at social media stalking. Your cardio is basically going down some rabbit hole where you found yourself accidentally liking a 4-year-old post from your ex-boyfriend’s sister’s 2nd
  5. Your friends / boyfriend / girlfriend / mom / yell at you whenever they see you aimlessly scrolling through your social accounts while hanging out. And let’s be real, you’re probably not even paying attention to the conversation or your scrolling. YIKES!
  6. You go to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram each for specific news. What’s a web browser even used for these days?
  7. If you’re by yourself, you’re definitely on social media. Whether you’re waiting for the bus, a friend, or just bored, that’s what you’re doing.
  8. You avoid looking at the “screen time” app on your smartphone because you already know its 100% going to call you out for constant social media usage. And it probably gets higher each week.
  9. But you’ve also accepted that most of your data is wasted on social media because who has the time or patience for the WiFi acting up?!
  10. You definitely care about your profile picture and look at it at least once a week. Don’t worry, we don’t think you’re a narcissist! We all care about our image, especially on social media!
  11. You are pretty intentional with what you post on each social account. You might not want your Aunt Becky to see you in that revealing bathing suit on Facebook. (But gurrrrrrrrl, do you look FINE!) Gotta be selective!
  12. You care about the aesthetic of your Instagram wayyyy too much. But Instagram is a whole lifestyle, and you must get that right photo with the right lighting, every time.
  13. Which brings us to your “Instagram photographer,” aka your boyfriend. They might not have known what they were signing up for when they started dating you, but you have to get that perfect image and share it at the peak time for the most likes.
  14. No matter how many times you’ve been told it’s not good to look at your phone screen before bed, you do it anyways because, well….you’re addicted!
  15. You’re actually kind of concerned just how accurate this has been and vow to break these bad habits.

*Swipes out of article & opens Instagram*