Positive Peers Receives $5.7 Million NIH Grant

Positive Peers has been granted $5.7 million over five years by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, a part of the National Institutes of Health. The funding aims to assess the efficacy of our mobile application as a resource for individuals aged 13-34 who are living with HIV.

This grant will support an evaluation of MetroHealth’s Positive Peers private mobile app as an intervention within clinical settings to improve health outcomes among our target demographic– particularly those belonging to racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender minoritized groups.

Starting in March 2024, the study will initiate the enrollment of participants for a randomized control study at clinic locations in six regions with a high prevalence of HIV, namely Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Newark, NJ, Seattle, WA Columbus, and Cincinnati, OH. Each site will enroll 50 individuals, all of whom will either be newly diagnosed with HIV or not optimally engaged in HIV care. 

Participants will be assigned randomly into one of two groups. The first group will begin using the Positive Peers app right away, while the second group will initiate app usage six months after enrolling in the trial. Individuals will be compensated for completing five brief online surveys throughout one year and grant researchers will collect retention in HIV care data from their medical records, with informed consent.

While ongoing data analysis performed by the Positive Peers team indicates the advantages and efficacy of the mobile app for patients compared to those who do not use it, the outcomes of a randomized trial will offer a more conclusive and definitive assessment.

For more information, read the MetroHealth press release.