Food to Eat Before Sex to Boost Your Sex Drive

By: Louis Catania, Patient Navigator, Division of Infectious Disease and medically reviewed by Ann Avery, Infectious Disease Physician at Metrohealth Medical Center

Which is more important: food or sex?

If we’re being real, it’s a toss-up, because your sex drive is heavily impacted by food. 🤔 We’re talking about nutrition, stamina, heart health, libido…lots of meaningful aspects of health. Believe it or not, food and sex are more connected than you might think, and they are both important in their own ways!

So, which types of food will boost your sex drive? Let’s dig into 🍽️ some answers.

Wait, why does food affect your sex drive?

Have you ever noticed that you’re more “in the mood” when you’re already feeling good? It’s no mystery why the holidays 🌴☀️ are a great time to reconnect with our partners, or ourselves. We’re relaxed, we’re cozy, and we’re well-fed. 🤗 🛋️

Believe it or not, what goes on in your digestive system plays a huge part in that warm-and-fuzzy feeling! Serotonin, an important “feel good” chemical messenger, is one part of the recipe for a good mood. Did you know that 95% of the serotonin that your body produces comes from your gut? Not enough serotonin… hello, hangry people. 😞

The kicker is that the types of food you eat have different effects. Some are better for your libido 💪, while others might be ones you want to avoid. 🤮

What food to eat before sex

Crank up the oven, turn on the burner and get your butane torch ready, because it’s about to get 🔥 in this list of food to eat before sex:

  • 🍊 Pomegranates: Whether you’re drinking pomegranate juice or eating pomegranate seeds, they can promote blood flow. Pomegranates naturally have all sorts of health benefits; they contain chemical compounds that dilate blood vessels and increase testosterone levels… great for the bedroom!
  • 🦪 Oysters: It’s no surprise to see these on the list, but what might surprise you is why some consider oysters an aphrodisiac (aka, things that make us *hot and bothered*). The secret ingredient is… zinc! Apparently, zinc increases blood flow which is particularly important for your sex organs.
  • 🐟 Salmon: What we’re looking for here are the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, which are great for your heart! Those acids play an important role in keeping your body and your sex life healthy.
  • 🍎 Apples: So, they taste good, you look hot eating them, and they make you better in bed. Awesome. That’s because apples are rich in quercetin (like red wine), which can promote circulation, prevent erectile dysfunction 🍆, and more!
  • 🍖 Meat: That is, only certain meats, such as chicken, pork, and beef. These are all high in protein and contain specific amino acids that enhance blood flow.
  • 🥜 Nuts and seeds: We know, it doesn’t exactly sound exciting to knock back a handful of almonds before getting into bed, but many nuts are super full of zinc and L-arginine! Both keep your blood flowing and get you into tip-top shape for the night’s activities.
  • 🥔 Beets: They’re chock-full of antioxidants, which protect blood cells. Beets also have lots of vitamins and dietary nitrates that, increase blood flow.
  • 🍫 Chocolate: What better combo is there than wine and chocolate? Turns out they’re great for your libido, too, because chocolate releases those same feel-good signaling molecules in your body.

What about foods to avoid?

There are also reasons to avoid certain foods before sex. Don’t forget to ask yourself if you like the food! Does your partner like it? We’d avoid serving salmon for dinner if one of you has an allergy to it, or just generally doesn’t enjoy the taste — nothing stops your sex drive in its tracks like a trip to the emergency room. 🏥

Beyond that, there are plenty of foods that can cause problems, like:

  • 🍺 Alcohol: Sure, a glass or two of wine might help set the mood, but more than that can lower your testosterone and dampen your nervous system, potentially making sex less exciting. ☹
  • 🧈 Saturated Fats: Foods high in saturated fats, like bacon or cheese, can slow your blood flow over time and generally hurt your circulation. That’s not great when circulation is super important for your sex organs!
  • Beans: Excessive gas won’t just create an awkward moment in the bedroom — it’ll also make you feel bloated and can cause discomfort. Sure, beans are great for you! But maybe leave the chili for another night.

Looking for more advice?

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Now go eat! You’re probably as hungry as we are after this blog 😉.