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Nurture yourself with good nutrition

If you took health class back in school, you probably heard the word nutrition tossed around a lot. Maybe you’ve even seen it written on the side of a box of cereal or canned food. […]

01: Blogs With Audio Content, 11: Healthy Habits, 12: Mental health

Learning how to meditate

We talked in an earlier blog post how learning to meditate won’t magically cure all your problems, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help improve your life! There are a lot of benefits to learning […]

01: Blogs With Audio Content, 02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV, 12: Mental health

5 ways to spend time with animals if you’re an animal lover

A lot of us really love animals and for a good reason! Spending time with animals comes with more benefits than you might realize. They can help improve our self-esteem and feel better about our […]

01: Blogs With Audio Content, 12: Mental health

Express yourself: How to get in touch with your creativity

 As kids, most of us had huge imaginations. We colored, drew, and let our imaginations take us anywhere we could think. We could have fun for hours on end being creative and letting our […]

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Dealing with hate while living with HIV

When it comes to HIV, there are a lot of misconceptions. People who are HIV positive sometimes face discrimination and confusion from their friends and family. The Kaiser Family Foundation released a study in 2012 […]

11: Healthy Habits

Healthy food and drink suggestions

You’ve heard it before: taking care of yourself goes a long way when it comes to living healthy with HIV. Being healthy involves more than getting enough sleep, remembering to take your meds, and exercising. […]

12: Mental health

HIV, the brain, and depression

You’ve probably heard of depression before, but it can get a little confusing. Depression is a syndrome, which is a bunch of symptoms that make up a condition, and they can look different for different […]

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5 cool things you might not know about Truvada

If you aren’t too familiar with PrEP, it’s a medication an HIV negative person can take once a day to lower their risk of HIV infection by up to 99 percent. Pretty amazing, right? The […]

16: Women and HIV

How to safely conceive a baby when you or your partner are living with HIV

Living with HIV is very different than it used to be. Today, folks are living full, healthy lives. Thanks, modern medicine! All of this means if you and your partner dream of having a family, […]

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Bonus Audio Content – Library

Read the blog: How to make it through the upcoming holidays with HIV Read the blog: Tips for dealing with workplace harassment Read the blog: How to Curb Unhealthy Behaviors: Drug Addiction Read the blog: […]