08: Peer Support, 12: Mental health

The impact of self-stigma and living with HIV

If only the best way to decrease self-stigma about living with HIV was as simple as changing your mind set, some meditation and positive pep talks. But we know it’s not that easy. Whether you’re […]

13: Dealing with Addiction & HIV

You’re probs addicted to social media and here’s why

We’re all guilty of it, so don’t think you’re alone. You’re human and, especially right now during this challenging time with the pandemic and social distancing still in place, the only way to stay connected […]


Sex workers: Know your rights!

Studies have found that sex workers are 10 times more likely to contract HIV, so we want to give you the knowledge and tools you need to protect yourself if you are engaging in sex […]

03: Getting Tested for HIV

Why should I get tested for HIV?

We know, the thought of testing for HIV can be scary. And you probably don’t think you need to get tested, either. Well, that’s not true. Everyone should get tested at least once in their […]

11: Healthy Habits

Allergies and HIV: What's the connection?!

Did you know that people living with HIV are more likely to have allergies? Crazy, right?! But it’s true. And we are here to tell you how to deal with those pesky allergies during the […]

09: Sex When Living with HIV, Uncategorized

Spicy sex: How to keep sexy time fun & fresh

You already know that we are all about sex here 😉 , especially the adventurous kind! Who doesn’t like a little afternoon snack? 😉 Adventurous sex can be super fun, and we are about to […]

15: Trans and HIV, Uncategorized

5 tips for transgender people to find a doctor for the care you need

Being a person who identifies as transgender sometimes means you’re faced with a lot more hate, pressure, and barriers in life than other people. Because of these types of obstacles, trans people may be more […]

17: Young and Positive, Uncategorized

Should teens get tested for HIV? YAAASSSSSS!

HIV affects all people, and yes, that includes teenagers. So, should teens get tested for HIV? We’re over here screaming yaaaassssssss! Teens nowadays may not have great sex ed at their schools, but that doesn’t […]

05: HIV Healthcare

What's the connection between STIs and HIV?

While growing up, you’ve probably learned about Sexually Transmitted Infections, or STIs, in health class. An STI is a type of infection that is transmitted from one person to another during oral, anal, or vaginal […]

05: HIV Healthcare

How do I pay for treatment?

Let’s face it, healthcare coverage can get expensive! When you have a ton of bills to pay on top of healthcare costs, it can get overwhelming, fast! Try not to despair because we’ll let you […]