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12: Mental health, 14: Sexual Identity

Let’s Talk About (Horribly Harmful) Conversion Therapy

  If you are in any way involved in the LGBTQ+ community, you’ve probably heard of conversion therapy. It doesn't work, it costs the US billions of dollars every year, only harms to those that […]

02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV, 05: HIV Healthcare

Routine viral load testing: Should you care?

If you’ve been on the Positive Peers app for a little bit, you’ve probably come across some information on viral load testing. For most, just the word ‘test’ is enough to bring up horrific classroom […]

Tales of Triumph

Real stories about how real people are living with HIV.

Tales of Triumph: Samuel’s Story

  TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, SEXUAL VIOLENCE "The best thing that's happening for me right now, as a person with HIV, is starting to acknowledge the positive and having compassion for myself through hardships and pain." […]

Tales of Triumph: Bradley’s Story

  “I moved to a spot of acceptance and wanting to really help other people, especially [other teens] who were in my situation.” Bradley was only 17 when he received his HIV diagnosis. He was […]