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Can I only have sex with other HIV-positive people?

Being HIV-positive doesn’t mean you can’t have sex. Once you know you have HIV, you know you don’t want to give it to somebody else. Yes, HIV is usually transmitted through sexual activity, so it’s […]

Getting Tested

What are CD4 counts and viral loads?

When you have HIV, doctors send you to the lab for blood draw so they can determine two important blood test results: CD4 count, or t-cell count, which measures the quantity of a specific white […]

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How drug assistance programs can help you afford your HIV meds

You’ve seen this advice a dozen times by now: Take your HIV meds every day exactly like your doctor says. Then you find out that anti-retroviral therapy (ART) can cost thousands of dollars a month. […]

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HIV-AIDS glossary: Words you need to know

These are some of the most common terms about HIV, AIDS, the immune system, HIV treatments, HIV testing and HIV prevention. HIV Basic Terms HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus. A virus that attacks the immune system […]

Getting Tested

What happens during a HIV test?

The hardest things about HIV tests are making up your mind to get tested and waiting for your results. The tests themselves are incredibly simple: You may have a blood sample taken, or you may […]

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Video: Steps for keeping meds on hand

Steps for keeping meds on hand It’s important to make sure you keep your HIV meds on hand at all time! Check out our tips for making sure you always have your prescription ready!   Positive Peers […]

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Take your meds! The importance of HIV medication adherence

Adherence comes from the word “adhere,” which means “to stick.” And that’s exactly what you have to do when you have HIV infection: Stick to your treatment plan. You’ve probably heard by now that anti-retroviral […]

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The importance of exercise when you’re living with HIV

Exercise gives you options. All people living with HIV ever hear is what they MUST do to stay healthy. Take your meds, practice safer sex, get to your doctor’s appointments on time. They’re not exactly […]

HIV 101

How do you get HIV?

Most people get HIV by having sex without a condom with somebody who is HIV-positive. You can also get HIV by sharing needles with other people if you’re injecting drugs. It’s also possible for a […]

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Life with HIV: Keeping a calm mind and happy heart

Stay calm and be happy, the doctor says. It’s good for your immune system. And you’re like, “thanks a million, Doc. Now I’m stressed and depressed because I’m not calm and happy.”  It might sound […]