02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV

Tips for swallowing pills

  Living with HIV can sometimes give you so much to think about that you might overlook the basics. Like, for instance, what if you have trouble getting pills down? For starters, there’s nothing wrong […]

15: Trans and HIV

HIV prevention for the transgender community

As a trans person, you know you can’t change the world overnight. For some, acceptance might be a long road to walk down. But there is one thing you can change overnight: your outlook on […]

13: Dealing with Addiction & HIV

Is smoking harmful when you’re living with HIV?

Staying on your HIV meds adds years to your life. Smoking cigarettes subtracts from those years. The science is crystal clear: About one out of five Americans smokes cigarettes, and cigarettes cause about one out […]

11: Healthy Habits, 17: Young and Positive

Taking responsibility for your health when you’re living with HIV

This isn’t a video game where you can earn new lives. You only get one life, and it’s up to you to do your best with the one you’ve got. OK, so there is some […]

04: Newly Diagnosed / HIV 101, 05: HIV Healthcare

Common myths about HIV and AIDS

Just like any disease, there are many myths about HIV. If you’re learning more about HIV because you or someone you love is living with HIV, you know that myths can cause a lot of […]

17: Young and Positive

Young and HIV positive: Should I tell my parents?

Some adults who are living with HIV never tell their parents. They don’t want to have Mom and Dad always worrying about them. Knowing if you should tell your parents may be more complicated if you’re […]

05: HIV Healthcare

Getting help from an HIV/AIDS hotline

You had some great sex with a new boo but forgot to use a condom and now you’re in a panic. You missed a day of your HIV meds and you’re wondering what’ll happen. You […]

06: Talking to a Doctor

Why it’s important to tell your healthcare providers about your HIV status

It’s best for your health if all your doctors know your HIV status. Your dentist can look for signs of trouble that show up first in the mouth. Your dermatologist can talk to you about […]

06: Talking to a Doctor

What are opportunistic infections?

Opportunistic infections are diseases that attack a weakened immune system. They are not welcome news because they really only happen during the final stage of HIV infection, AIDS.

05: HIV Healthcare

How the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program can help you get the care you need

Ryan White was a hero in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Today, thousands of Americans get the HIV treatment they need thanks to a program named in his honor. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS […]