02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV

3 ways to cope with hurtful questions about your HIV status

When you’re living with HIV, you know you might get some pretty hurtful questions. Some people just can’t help but ask that one question that makes your skin crawl.. They’re embarrassing, they’re annoying, but most […]

02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV

Are there scholarships for people living with HIV?

College costs a crap ton of money these days, but there are plenty of grants, loan programs, and scholarship opportunities to help out with the cost. Did you know there are scholarships for people who […]

02: Everyday Advice for Living with HIV

Video: Do you have goals for your HIV treatment?

Do you have HIV goals? Let’s talk about goals! 🙌🏾 Setting goals will help you manage your #HIV and keep you happy and healthy for a long time. 💪🏾Need some suggestions? 🤔 Take your meds […]

09: Sex When Living with HIV

Keep sex sexy and safe: Grab the lube

Sex is no fun if there’s too much friction. A good time requires a smooth glide. That’s why there’s a whole industry selling lubricants (lube for short). No matter what kind of sex we’re talking […]

08: Peer Support

What is the difference between HIV peer support and a support group?

Peer support means somebody like you — a peer — is helping you out. A support group is a bunch of peers who get together at a certain time to help each other. That’s the […]

16: Women and HIV

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

National Women’s and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is coming up on March 10.  This is a great chance to remind people that HIV is not a “guy disease” or a “gay disease.” Around the world, […]

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Video: Get your walk on… with Jen!

Here in Cleveland, we’re getting a break from the winter gloom this weekend ☀️ — so get out there, walk it out, and soak up some sun while it lasts! 😎 Going on a walk […]

01: Blogs With Audio Content, 03: Getting Tested for HIV

Why is it important to know if you’ve got HIV?

Worrying about whether you’ve been infected with HIV can drive you nuts. All that stress is bad for your health.. There’s always a chance you’ll test negative and all your worrying was a waste. There […]

01: Blogs With Audio Content, 16: Women and HIV

I’ve just been diagnosed with HIV…and I’m pregnant

You can’t help worrying: What’s going to happen to my baby now that I have HIV? OK, so “pregnant with HIV” sounds like the worst thing in the world the first time you hear it. […]

01: Blogs With Audio Content, 06: Talking to a Doctor

Questions to ask the doctor during your first HIV visit

HIV doctors can diagnose an infection, prescribe anti-viral meds and explain how to fight back against the virus.     But they can’t read minds. If you’re unsure about anything about having to do with HIV, […]