08: Peer Support, 14: Sexual Identity, 15: Trans and HIV

Assigned sex, gender identity, and everything in between

Ever wonder what the difference is between someone’s sex, gender, and sexual orientation? The answer to this question can seem complicated at first, but with some time and effort, it’s actually pretty simple. Let’s take […]

09: Sex When Living with HIV, 14: Sexual Identity

We’re sex positive and think you deserve to be, too

So what’s the deal with sex positivity? Well, being sex positive just means you understand that consenting adults should get as much sexy time as they want — no more, no less, and however they […]

05: HIV Healthcare, 08: Peer Support, 14: Sexual Identity

Why reading this blog can help people living with HIV everywhere

SPNS is short for “Special Projects of National Significance.” OK, so it’s hard to imagine a title more likely to put you right to sleep, but SPNS are something worth waking up and paying attention […]

14: Sexual Identity

I'm straight. Can I get HIV?

Can straight people get HIV? Yes, they can — especially if they think HIV is only a “gay” disease. It’s true that in the United States, the most commonly affected people are men who have […]

14: Sexual Identity

Gay? Straight? Bisexual? Understanding your sexuality

Every day, young men find themselves wanting another man and young women find themselves wanting another woman. After it's happened to you a few times, you start wondering: Am I gay or straight? The good […]