Where can I get free condoms?

free condoms-positive peers

Why buy condoms when people will give them to you for free?

That’s right: other people buy condoms so you don’t have to. All you gotta do is know where to go to pick a few up!

Too afraid to get them in person? No sweat. Just order them online and get free condoms delivered right to your mailbox.

free condoms-positive peers

Free condoms in NE Ohio

We are lucky to have tons of free condom sites across NE Ohio. Here are just a few places with a variety of rubbers and lube to spare 😉

free condoms-positive peers

Free condoms outside of Ohio

A few programs are limited to people living in specific regions of the country.

  • TeenSource delivers free condoms to 12- to 19-year olds in California.
  • NYC Condoms supplies free condoms and other safer-sex products to more than 3,500 locations in New York City.
  • Rubber Revolution helps companies in Washington, D.C., provide free condoms to their customers.
  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation supplies condoms at three locations and distributes them to bars, restaurants, and other businesses throughout the city.

You can always search online with the name of your city and the phrase “free condoms” to see what’s available nearby. For example, a search on “free condoms Miami” finds Test Miami’s site for people living with HIV. Miami folks can request a free “Personal Protection Package.”


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Other ways to find free condoms

  • Hospitals: Check with your nearest hospital and ask if they have a free-condom program. If they don’t, ask if they know who does.
  • College health centers: If you’re going for your degree, check in with your local campus health clinic and see if they have a condom-giveaway program.
  • Resource Centers: Places like your local LGBT Center often have ample supplies of condoms and lube.
  • Bars/Clubs/Shops: LGBT bars, adult stores, hostels, and other businesses around Cleveland often have a supply of free condoms. If you don’t see a fishbowl of colorful condoms at your hang out of choice, ask the bartender or shopkeeper if they have them behind the counter. If they don’t, feel free to suggest they contact their department of public health to become a condom distribution spot  🙂

The important thing is that you know you have access to condoms every time you need them, that you know how to put one on the right way, and that you get tested regularly to be sure you don’t have HIV or other STDs.

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