World AIDS Day


Every year on December 1, people all over the world celebrate World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day is a day to encourage HIV testing, donate to AIDS research, and raise awareness about being HIV positive. Whether you, a friend, or a family member are living with HIV, there are lots of things you can do on World AIDS Day to raise awareness and show support. Here’s a list of five ways you can celebrate World AIDS Day:

  1. Wear a red ribbon. Red is the universal color for AIDS awareness, and wearing a red ribbon on World AIDS Day will help you be an ally for those living with HIV and AIDS. You can purchase a ribbon from many different AIDS organizations, including the World AIDS Day website.
  2. Have safe sex. Nobody said the World AIDS Day couldn’t be celebrated in a fun way! You just need to be sure you’re protecting yourself while you’re having all that fun. By using condoms, taking PrEP, and talking openly and honestly with your partner about your status, you will have safe and sexy fun.
  3. Take all your meds. If you’ve read our other blogs, you know how important it is to take all your meds, all the time. One of the best ways you can celebrate World AIDS Day is by protecting yourself and taking your meds. Maybe think about using a pillbox to remind yourself to take your meds each day.
  4. Go get tested. Getting tested is a great way to celebrate World AIDS Day. If you know your HIV status, you will be able to make a gameplan about your health instead of living in the unknown. If you’ve already been tested, then you can encourage friends and family members to get tested so they know their status.
  5. Take to social media. This year, the World AIDS Day campaign includes tackling the stigma of HIV on social media. Even though HIV is a disease many people live with, it comes with a nasty stigma because some people just don’t understand it. If you want, you can tweet or post about how hurtful and wrong HIV stigma can be.

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If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, you can check the World AIDS Day of Northeast Ohio Schedule to see what events are happening in the area on December 1. This year, they will put on a showing of “Wilhemina's War,” a documentary about HIV with refreshments and a panel discussion after the film, have free HIV testing, and have discussion forums.

No matter how you decide to celebrate World AIDS Day, remember that you can celebrate privately or publicly and still help the cause. Don’t feel obligated to post on Facebook or Twitter or talk to your family if you aren’t comfortable. Instead, you recommit to taking your meds every day or talk to your partner about having safer sex. Celebrate in the way that’s right for you, in a way that makes you feel safe.

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