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Why reading this blog can help people living with HIV everywhere

SPNS is short for “Special Projects of National Significance.” OK, so it’s hard to imagine a title more likely to put you right to sleep, but SPNS are something worth waking up and paying attention […]

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6 celebrities helping fight HIV (and one guy we think should be famous)

It’s nice to know the people you see on TV, watch in the movies, and hear on your playlists are taking a stand on HIV. Being famous attracts attention and much needed funding to the […]

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3 HIV events to check out in May

What’s up in May for people living with HIV and their supporters? You might want to check out these three events: May 18: National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day May 19: National Asian and Pacific Islander […]

08: Peer Support

What is the difference between HIV peer support and a support group?

Peer support means somebody like you — a peer — is helping you out. A support group is a bunch of peers who get together at a certain time to help each other. That’s the […]

08: Peer Support

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - February 7

What are you doing for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day? It’s on February 7 this year (that’s a Tuesday). It’s not one of those holidays where you get a day off work and the kids […]

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What happens in a HIV support group?

You don’t have to deal with all this by yourself. HIV support groups are full of people who’ve already been through what you’re going through right now. Fear, loneliness, confusion, brain overload — you’ve got […]

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Video: Jen's condom closet

Jen's condom closet Ssssshhhh! Quiet. Did you know that MetroHealth has a closet full of free condoms?! Jen can show you around — and show you her woody 😉 😂 We are sneaking into Jen's […]

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Video: This is Jen.

This is Jen. This is Jen presenting the AIDS Memorial Quilt at MetroHealth. Jen is often one of the first people you get to meet during your HIV care at MetroHealth. In addition to the […]