Helpful Suggestion: Put a Ring on It

There’s an old western philosophy that says, go with the flow and keep it secured. Not really, but it’s one of the many functions of a cock ring.🍆😏 Yes, that’s right. We at Positive Peers pride ourselves in the pleasure principles of life. In short, get a cock ring and grab some lube right now!

Cock rings have multiple uses but our main goal for y’all is to enhance your sexual experience. As a sex toy, the cock ring can be used to restrict blood flow from flowing out of the penis while hard. Once it’s on, you can expect longer-lasting, harder erections. They can also serve a sexual health purpose by preventing erectile dysfunction (because E.D. is no fun!). 🙅🏿‍♂️

The best part is that there are several types of cock rings for you to choose from!🙌🏾 There are adjustable cock rings, O rings, vibrating cock rings, and non-stretchy, firm cock rings. Yes, there are differences between them, but let’s discuss the benefits of using a cock ring first.

Make no mistake, there are also benefits of your partner(s) wearing one. Here’s a quick rundown especially if you’re new to this world:

C-Ring: Stronger Erections

I mean, isn’t this the main reason for wearing one? The blood flow to the penis from soft to semi to full-on can stay in the penis and keep the party going. The rings can make your erections feel harder, last longer, and even can give a slight temporary boost to your penis size.

C-Ring: Amazing Sensations

Increasing the amount of blood present in your penis tissue means increasing oxygen as well. This has the effect of super-charging your nerves and leads to an increase in physical sensation. Simply put, cock rings make the pleasure feel more pleasurable and the pain more electric, if that's your thing.

C-Ring: Saluting at Attention, Sir

That extra blood and oxygen being present in your penis has a practical benefit beyond increased stamina and firmer erections. It can actually promote erectile health in general by opening up the blood vessels and allowing oxygen to reach places that might otherwise have been deprived. This all adds up to an overall gain in erectile function as well as general physical health.


C-Ring: Confidence Boost

If you’re wearing the cock ring and you look down, you’re sure to be pleased with your package. This surely will lead to increased confidence and overall hotter sex for you and your partner.

C-Ring: Total Package

Another amazing benefit of wearing a C-ring is giving your partner even more pleasure! There’s enhanced pleasure during sex for the person who isn’t wearing the ring when the ring-wearer’s balls bounce off the back.😉 The balls are cupped, so they’re not hanging loosely like sex without the ring. That way, the pleasure extends beyond what’s happening inside.


When you’re deciding on what kind of ring, think of the type of experience you want. If you’re new to this, I would recommend a ring with a good stretch factor. As you do it more or if you have the experience, the more rigid ones could be ideal. If possible, visit a sex toy store and ask the store associates. They’re a valuable resource who can support you living your best life. 🎉🍆

C-rings can also be used outside of the bedroom. You can add more weight to your package if you’re wearing short shorts and want to showcase a bit. Now, it’s important to keep track of time ⏰ and not make it an all-day affair wearing the ring. A loose-fitting cock-ring on a semi could make for a great spring or summer day with plenty of attention. If that’s what you want, go for it. Let your legend grow! 😏

C-rings add so much more spice and excitement that I feel bad not suggesting them much earlier, but better late than never! 🍆


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