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What to expect when telling your partner you’re living with HIV

We get it — gathering the courage to tell your partner that you’re living with HIV can be nervewracking and just plain scary. If talking to your partner about HIV has been something on your […]

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Taking your meds every day

It can be hard to create a new habit — like taking your meds every day. Stick with it and use the Positive Peers app to give you daily reminders to keep up the good […]

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How to talk to your doctor about getting on PrEP

PreP can pave the way to a healthy sex life if you’re HIV negative. But if you ask a doctor about a PreP prescription, you might find out the doctor is unsure about it. This […]

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How to get PrEP for free (or cheap)

Taking PrEP can almost eliminate the risk of catching HIV — but can you afford it? PrEP is sold under the name brand Truvada. Taking Truvada can reduce the odds of an HIV infection by […]

HIV 101

6 must-read books about HIV

Great books don’t need to be plugged in or have their batteries charged. But they can recharge your mind and fire up your spirit. So, in honor of back-to-school season, let’s talk about books — […]

Being Young and Positive, HIV 101, Living with HIV

Resources for parents of kids living with HIV

Caring for children who are living with HIV is a tough job. Parents (and any adults) have to respond carefully and thoughtfully to do what’s best for the child. Whether your child contracted the virus […]

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What to do when you’re ready to get back into HIV care

Congratulations! Getting back into HIV care is the best thing you can do for yourself. One thing that HIV teaches you is that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. What’s important is […]

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What to do when a friend or family member tells you they’re living with HIV

When a friend or family member is living with HIV, they need all the caring, respect, kindness, and understanding you can deliver. They may be carrying a secret they don’t want everybody to know about. […]

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First aid tips for people living with HIV

First aid can seem like a minefield when you’ve just been diagnosed with HIV. What should you do when you get a nosebleed or a small cut at the barbershop? What if you want to […]

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Busting 8 common HIV testing myths

It’s easy to get tested for HIV. But guess what: It’s even easier to cook up excuses to not get tested. We see you, girl. Human nature: If you gotta choose between easy and easier, […]